The Gare des Bénédictins

Limoges, France

Most consider it the most beautiful train station in Europe and one of the best in the world. My opinion might be biased but I’d have to agree with that.

What is great about this gem is that it’s not even hidden, us travellers don’t have to go really far to find it, we just arrive there!

Even if you have never set foot it in, you’ve probably seen it on TV. It is one of the landmark buildings of Limoges, used in many adverts and movies because of its unique Eastern European style.

I’ve been there so many times and every time my train arrives at the station and I have to carry my heavy bags up to the main hall, all the travel-related tiredness just washes away thanks to the marble floors, the statues and the great dome.

So if you’re on a road trip across France (or doing the InterRail), just stop at Limoges, go to the station’s café, grab something to eat and sit down and admire the sheer beauty of this wonderful train station.


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