My Trip to Amsterdam

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share my experience in Amsterdam with you :). First of all, I’d advise you to go there in April or in May because the weather is wonderful – not too hot nor too cold – and there are very few tourists in that time of year. I went there by bus with best friend and it was definitely my best trip so far! We slept in a youth hostel in the city centre and we did sooooo many things, it was amazing! For our first day, we simply went sightseeing in the city, then we took a tour of the city on the canals. In the next days we tried to get out of our comfort zone and went on the outskirts of town to explore a windmill, it was a fabulous experience, I swear our guide was so nice! And most importantly and what I’d advise to y’all is to rent a bike, this is definitely what I loved most even though it was kind of a stressful at the beginning. But eventually, once you understand how the brakes work, you’ll be just fine ;).


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  1. Lizzie says:

    I went there too and I totally agree with you! Definitely the place to be and see!


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