Skin Care Routine

We all know that when travelling our skin care routine is not the aspect we focus on the most. We’re usually too busy, we’d rather spend time discovering new things or we simply don’t have enough space in our backpack/ suitcase. Well, buckle up ladies because I’ve just found cruelty-free, travel-sized products for some “me time” by Osea Malibu!

Ocean Cleanser: This gel smells great thanks to essential oils, but don’t worry if you’re really sensitive to scents since it’s lightly scented once applied onto your skin. This cleanser will remove all impurities from your skin whether it’s oily or dry. Your skin will be left fresh-looking and healthy.

Ocean Cleansing Milk: This product is more of a lotion than a gel and doesn’t smell as strong as the Ocean Cleanser which is great news if you’re sensitive to scents. It removes impurities as well as getting rid of redness and the milk is really hydrating therefore I’d advise it for dry skins. Your skin will be left feeling soft and hydrated.
*Tip: this cleansing milk can be used to remove make up. Two products in one, could we ask for more?

Vitamin Sea Boost: This amazing spray makes you feel instantly hydrated and brings a fresh glow to dry or sun-damaged skins, which let’s not fool ourselves, often happens during a sunny trip. It can also be used as a setting spray for makeup – it helps it stay on longer during the day and even makes it look better!

There you go! These are my very essentials since I don’t feel like I need more when travelling but if you do or if you just wanna check out some more of their products, feel free to check out Osea Malibu’s website!


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